About Us

Get to know your local artist in Point Pleasant, NJ

Inner Mind Design is a grassroots"creative" father-daughter run company focused on things that our family enjoys the most. This includes music, photography, art, theater, bringing new ideas, innovative and helpful products, that we think are "cool!", to the forefront for us to share with everyone. We figure, "if it works for our family, imagine how fun if it works for yours!" Flip side of that, if it doesn't work or do what it is supposed to do, then we won't recommend it!

With jobs not paying as well as they used to and job security not being as "secure" as it has been in the past, sometimes you have to change the path you're on to achieve your hopes, dreams and goals. With the rise of taxes and the everyday cost of living constantly knocking at our doors, sometimes you have to think outside the box in order to figure out how to handle all this added responsibility and expense. We thought that if we ventured into the e-market, it could provide us with some relief. It would also allow us to pass along some of our good fortune and support to some of our local and national charities. We have always tried to pay it forward to those in need. We are strong believers in good business breeding good business.

Walt Disney said it best with the phrase "Keep moving forward. Celebrate failures and keep moving forward !!"

We're not looking for a get rich quick scheme here. Our website is about sharing our dreams, ideas, thoughts, talent and expertise with other people, in a safe environment. If we can make a few extra bucks and help some people out and give back to our communities in the process, then that's what we are committed to.


Mission Statement
Inner Mind Design was created to provide a safe, secure, fun and creative platform for Artists, Photographers, Musicians, Hotel and Restaurant Owners and Employees to showcase their talents or preview their works. We are committed to promoting these values and will constantly seek new and innovative ideas and creations to share with our client base.